Is Legit?

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Hello boys. The internet has all manner of fun and naughty uses these days, and internet hookup dating is among the most fun and most naughty of all the fun and naughty uses the internet provides. Boys and girls from all around the internet collect in mass to find partners for no strings attached casual flings and make new friends (with benefits).

Of course, one other thing the internet is good for is scam artists who are hoping to secure your private information for the purposes of identity theft, so both girls and boys must be very careful about who they’re giving their personal information out to.

The boys over at Dating Crew have done a good job of going through all these internet hookup sites to find out which ones provide the service they say they provide and which ones are just hookup scam sites.

Is BookOfSex a scam?

Most ladies are fairly monogamous when it comes to which sites we use for hooking up. That’s why sites compete over us in order to get us to sign up. A solid male to female ratio is the golden ticket to the success of any sex site, but that’s not why I use for all my casual hookups.

I use because it offers me several features that I really like. Namely, it allows me to write my own blog articles. Ever since I was in highschool I wanted to be a writer and the blog feature of BookOfSex lets me write about my casual encounters while reflecting on myself and my life, my role in the grander scheme of things. Erotic fiction has always held a special interest for me but I also like literary fiction as well. Those two combined often form a perfect marriage and being able to blog about my personal encounters lets me sketch out my thoughts and keep everything fresh in my memory. So my blog posts become rough drafts for later publications which is one of the many reasons I enjoy BookOfSex.

BookOfSex is in my opinion one of the best sites online for finding casual dates. I’ve met so many interesting guys from this site and I’ve generated some of my best writing during the year and a half I’ve used BookOfSex to find guys. A lot of girls think that using dating services means you can’t find guys on your own but the truth is it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with control and power, and what girl doesn’t like people watching? For me it gives me more control over my sex life. I don’t like hooking up with guys in my social circle because a lot of guys get weird about the fact that I don’t want to date them exclusively. Dating guys at work is even worse for that. The best part is going through the profiles and choosing the men I want based on what I’m in the mood for at the time. I can even look for guys in my neighborhood if I’m in need of instant gratification. So if you’re worried about BookOfSex being some kind of a scam, don’t be. It’s a legit hookup site for men and women that has been around for years with a massive user base. The premium membership is worth the investment and will open up all kinds of advanced searching options to find the perfect sex partner. If you’re looking for a male take on whether or not BookOfSex is working to get you dudes some sexy time then you should check out the reviews over at Dating Crew. They’ve done a good job of looking through every dating site online to determine which ones are legit and which ones are frauds or offer substandard service.

For me, is one of the best sites out there for guys and girls looking to hook up. The primary reason for this is that they have a large user base of both men and women which was built out of years of reliable service. I love the fact that they have personal blogs and message boards where you can meet other people with all different kinds of interests. The search engine and the interface is really useful for sifting through all the users to find whatever you’re in the mood for. I like a lot of role play and getting kinky sometimes so it helps to know if a guy is dominant or submissive. I’m a switch, but depending on my mood, I might want a guy to tie me up, but on other days I just got to sit on a face. Whatever my pleasure, BookOfSex has the user base to fill my every desire, and the blog helps me as a writer sketch out my thoughts. For me, it’s the perfect site.