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Finding Love Where You Least Expect It

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Finding Love Online Finding Love For most people, finding love goes hand in hand with seeing a unicorn — it’s just impossible. Still, people seem to find love everyday in the most unexpected places. When it comes to love, I had completely given up, and I was fine with it. I was completely happy using online hookup websites to find super hot singles who wanted to have casual sex. In fact, I prefered this lifestyle over the idea of finding love. Every weekend, I would go out with different mean…read more

Single Parent Dating

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Dating Mistakes to Avoid Despite the wheels turning in your brain right now, hookup sites which advertise “meeting single moms” are not some sort of MILF buffet, but likely one of two things. The first is a legitimate dating site for single parents and recent divorcees to meet and flirt in the hopes of getting together and building a life together. The second is a lure for goofy dupes to be tricked out of their money by unscrupulous internet con men. If you’re looking to do MILF dating you should…read more

Is Legit?

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Dating Mistakes to Avoid Hello boys. The internet has all manner of fun and naughty uses these days, and internet hookup dating is among the most fun and most naughty of all the fun and naughty uses the internet provides. Boys and girls from all around the internet collect in mass to find partners for no strings attached casual flings and make new friends (with benefits). Of course, one other thing the internet is good for is scam artists who are hoping to secure your private information for the purposes…read more