Learn how to detect dating scams

Learn how to detect dating scams

Learn how to detect dating scams Since the explosion of the internet, many industries have taken off. One of these has been the online dating industry, which has made it easier to meet local singles than ever before. Unfortunately, along with the explosion of online dating, there has also been people perpetuating dating scams by suggesting easy sex with gorgeous women. One of the biggest mistakes men make is falling into this trap, and letting the real women, who are also looking to meet local singles, slip away. After speaking to so many men who had made this common mistake with online dating, I did some research and devised a method to detect online dating scams. Through this article, you will learn how to identify dating scams, and avoid them, so that you can meet local singles who are also looking for a romantic relationship or casual sex.

Identify the Fake Profiles

While there are dating sites out there that are completely fabricated, for the most part, online dating scams are carried out through fake profiles. Listed below are four ways that you can identify a fake profile.

No Real Women Advertise Sex

This may come as an unfortunate realization to some of you, but if you are looking to connect with a real gorgeous woman, then do not fall for the profiles or advertisements that highlight sex. This does not mean that it is not possible to have sex fairly easily with gorgeous women, but instead that most of those women will not be advertising sex on their profile or through pop up ads. If you choose to follow through on one of these profiles, you will most likely be dealing with a call girl or someone who has created a fake profile in order to develop a dating scam.

People Creating Dating Scams Often Have Broken English

The second easiest way of spotting a dating scam is through the kind of language that they are using. While at first you may think it is just a cute accent, if you find the language that they are using to be strange or broken, it may be an indication that they are not real. You need to be aware of all elements of their profile, and align the language that they use with their background. Look out for small structures within their writing that seem oof. It won't be typos, but rather it will be small irregularities that you are not used to seeing. The reason that the language may look off is because they are probably using an online translating service.

Gorgeous Women Don't Need Your Money For Transportation

When dealing with a fake profile that is trying to get your money, they will almost always be asking you for small to large amounts of money to help with all kinds of things. Whether it is asking for money to help them meet you or anything else, sometimes the amount will be so small that it might be hard for you to believe that it is a scam. However, if the scam is taking place in another country that small amount may be worth their time. Depending on who you are and what situation you are in, you may be susceptible to larger money scams as well. When looking to make larger money scams, these “gorgeous women” will most likely spend much time getting to know you through the internet. They will have an excuse, be it a job or something else, that prohibits them from meeting you in person. Right when you think you are going to have the chance to meet this dream girl, they will tell you a very sad story that ends with a money grab. They may even suggest that they will need you to comfort them and hint towards sex because of how grateful and happy they will be to see you. These scams are the most dangerous as they will play with your conscience and sometimes use things that they have learned about you in order to harness an emotional connection.

Online Dating Photos Can Be Dead Giveaways

Most people online are looking and actively wanting to meet local singles, and for that reason, they will try to put photos that not only make themselves look the best, but also showcase who they are. This means that when you are looking through their chosen photos, it is necessary to be cautious of any profiles that don't really have two clear photos of their face. Secondly, you should be cautious of any photos that are outright and over the top suggestive.