How To Salvage Your Marriage After An Affair

How To Salvage Your Marriage After An Affair

How To Salvage Your Marriage After An Affair

Does Work?

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Couples Counseling

After I used an adult dating site and an live cam website to cheat on my husband, I knew that I need to come clean. That night when he arrived home from work, I told him about everything and we had a long talk. He knew that we had been drifting apart for some time, but was shocked to find out that I would go behind his back and cheat on him. I didn't want things to be over so I suggested going to couples counseling, and he accepted. I wanted to salvage my marriage after having an affair, and I knew that it was selfish, but still I figured it was worth a try. We made an appointment with a couples counselor, and went to our appointment a couple day later. Couples counseling really helped me and my husband work through our problems, and before we knew it, we were starting to see eye to eye like we used to.

Putting Trust Back On The Table

Even though couples counseling helped us work through our problems, it was still hard for my husband to trust me. He works long hours and I am a stay at home wife, so he began calling me throughout my day to check up on me. I knew that this was normal, but I couldn't help but wish we could put trust back on the table. Having an affair is a sure way to ruin a marriage, and I was just grateful that he took me back. To help him trust me again, I decided to get a part time job so that I wouldn't have to be stuck at home all day with nothing to do. I started working in an office close to his work, and we began taking our lunches together everyday. Slowly but surely he was able to trust me again, and we managed to salvage our marriage, despite my affair.

Make Amends With Your Husband

After having a one night stand using an online dating website, I knew that I needed to show my husband that I was serious about saving our marriage. If you have ever cheated on someone, then you know that making amends with them is one of the most important things you can do. I apologized to him every night before we went to sleep, and after weeks of couples counseling he managed to forgive me. In order for me to understand how he felt, we engaged in different role playing scenarios. I got to see his side, and he got to see mine. In the end we agreed that if I hadn't hadn't gone online and had an affair, we would still be stuck in a loveless and boring marriage. Even though cheating is never okay, in our case it helped us realise that we were going by our lives all wrong.

Go On A Vacation Together

After a couple months, we decided to go on a vacation together, and it was the best idea we've ever had. Many people would say that it is impossible to salvage a marriage after having had an affair, but they're wrong. We ended up spending a week in the caribbean, and it reminded us of our honeymoon. Going on a vacation together helped us remember how fun we used to be, and made us connect on a deeper level. After drinking alcohol and swimming in the ocean together, we became the happy couple we once were. When we returned to Regina, we had hope for a brighter future, and we felt stronger than ever. When I had an affair, I really felt as though my marriage was already over, but it turns out that it was only beginning. If you are going through a similar situation, just know that it is possible to save your marriage even though you or your partner has had an affair.